Learn about who you are

and do it on purpose

(Dolly Parton)

Are you ambitious for yourself or those you lead? Sometimes feel like you have lost your way? Are you great at doing but less clear about being? I believe that when we find the courage to own who we are, the possibilities of what we can achieve are endless.


With 15 years experience in the whirlwind of teaching, leadership and parenthood, I understand your pressure. I know the deception of busyness and never having enough time (often to do the thinking that might resolve what is keeping you up at night). My own experience of being coached helped me find my way out of overwhelm. My purpose has always been to help others be their best and as your coach, this happens at a truly transformational level. 


Coaching with me will help you find the space, courage and clarity to discover who you really are and as the Spanish say, 'be in your salsa'!


My Services.

One to one.

I offer whole-person coaching to leaders in education.

  • Life coaching

  • Leadership and career coaching

  • Maternity/paternity Coaching.

Group and Team Coaching.

I offer small group coaching (4-6 people) who share a similar profile such as a members of a leadership team or a group of parents. This can be a hugely nourishing experience where peer learning facilitates self awareness and growth.

For example, I run powerful group courses on Mental Fitness as part of my work with Positive Inteligence. If you would be interested in do this transformational work in a group, take your saboteurs test 


I run courses for parents of autistic children, through Gold Mind with fellow coach Lynne Tapper ACC.



  • Group coaching.

  • Team coaching.

  • Coach training facilitation. 


How do you want to lead your life, your relationships, your organisation and your family?

Let's Talk.



Call or email briefly outlining what you are looking for and your availability and we can set up a free coaching call.



Tel: 07860 458076


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