• Lost your sparkle?

  • Not living up to your potential?

  • 'Do better, be better, try harder' mantra not cutting it anymore?

  • Worried about burn out?

  • Parenting cause shame spirals?

  • Exploring ADHD in adulthood?

I discovered my ADHD aged 40 after a period of extreme burn out and whilst home schooling my three children who I realised also have ADHD. I have since been on a huge learning journey, adding specific ADHD coach training to my coaching skills in order to serve my tribe;

'You model calm when I come in like a hurricane. You are immaculate in reflecting my words back to me I have gone from the detail to what is underlying. You have helped me give form to my thoughts and feelings in visuals which has helped me with clarity of what I need to do next.' Trudi Netherwood

I offer coaching to adult explorers of ADHD. Understanding your ADHD; how it shows up and how you can work with it, can be the key to being your true self on purpose and squeezing the best out of life by living up to your potential. Let's get you energised and sparkling!

£115 for I hr or £600 for 6 session bundle

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Image by Sharon McCutcheon