Do you want to lead authentically AND sustainably?

Are you ambitious and innovative?

Do better, be better, try harder not cutting it anymore?

Are you worried about burn out?

With 15 years experience in the whirlwind of teaching, leadership and parenthood, I understand pressure and the deception of busyness and never having enough time (often to do the thinking that might resolve what is keeping you up at night). I know burn out and I also know the joy of burning back brighter as a replenished school leader. 


I offer coaching to leaders in education who want to learn about themselves and find their own, sustainable way in leadership. For those looking for leadership development, I share coaching tools and models which you can use with your teams.

£115 for 1 hour/ £600 for 6 sessions

Email me to set up your free call www.katiefriedmancoaching.com

Image by Ian Schneider
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