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‘I was surprised by how quickly the mental fitness course gave me the practical internal tools that I was able to use to reduce my own negative thought pattern and increase my sense of mental well being. The focus on practice and application instead of just theory made a huge difference to me. I have recommended it to all my 18 staff and offered to pay for them so they can also benefit from it’ Dr Paul Tapper, CEO Nugen Audio Ltd


‘Katie’s wisdom, openness and gentle way of sharing insight and questions helped the space be brave, kind and honest’ Hannah Dey, Youth Worker


‘Katie’s encouragement of us to broaden our awareness through supportive questioning and thought leadership, have made the experience what it was; one of lasting understanding and change’ Katie Poole, Head of Year and life coach.






The Course


Over the seven weeks, we develop the three areas of mental fitness; saboteur interceptor, self-command, sage perspective.


Lasting positive change is 20% insight and 80% muscle building. Your first insight comes from doing your saboteur test. If you haven't already done so, take the test here Saboteurs | Positive Intelligence to find out which are your leading saboteurs and a little bit about where your saboteurs may have come from

Further insights come from your access to the 8 first chapters of Positive Intelligence which you can download or access as an audiobook, the group coaching pod and from your weekly 1 hour video content which you will access through the app. This content is broken down into bite size chunks which you can access as and when over the weekend. 


The group coaching pod will help create momentum, accountability, shared learning and support for the all important 80% practice. You will do this through PQ reps - little chunks of mindful exercises which are either 2 mins, 5 mins or 12 mins and earn you PQ reps - you are aiming for 36 reps per day (about 12 minutes). These reps are tracked in your App.  If like me the mention of mindfulness has you rolling your eyes and baulking at the idea of sitting cross legged on the floor, don't worry! PQ reps can be done through your app sitting in a chair and there are even some which you can do whilst moving around. Each week there will be some reflections that relate to the content which help you to practice the learning and you can even earn reps for this!

The reps re-connect us to our body, feelings and needs and slow down our thinking. This makes it harder for our Saboteurs to thrive and helps us to choose our wisdom.

Time Commitment

The combination of the technology, convenience and power of group learning makes this a very unique and special experience. You need to be able to commit to 12 mins practice through the app per day, an hour on videos over the weekend and our hour long pod meeting. If you can't make one of the pod meetings, you will still benefit from the practice, video learning and my support. I will have access to your app data and will be able to help keep you on track (unless you change your privacy setting!)


This course is valued at 995 dollars and you can access this yourself on the Positive Intelligence website. Please contact me to discuss the price.

-Access to training videos and 8 chapters of Positive Inteligence by Shirzad Chamine

-Access to the PQ app for a year

-6 hours of group facilitation 

-Whatsapp group support

Next steps

Email or message me to book your spot on my next cohort! My next group begins Monday 1st November 5 - 6pm GMT

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Mental Fitness is our ability to get back to calm wisdom when we are triggered or hijacked by the negative thinking patterns of our saboteurs. It helps us improve our self-awareness, self-management, self-compassion and ability to cope with life's challenges. This is fundamental to any leadership role be it of your family or in your work.